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Sitting Prelims / Controlled Assessments

by Emma Davie -

Dear Candidate

You will be invited to sit a Preliminary Examination (Prelim) for all courses in March - May 2021. This is a controlled assessment which must be attempted in the presence of an Assessment Supervisor.

An Assessment Supervisor can be anyone in a position of authority who agrees to supervise your sitting of the papers. A teacher or lecturer is ideal but a range of other professions is also acceptable. An Assessment Supervisor cannot be someone you are related to or living with. For a list of suitable professions, see the link below.

A form for communicating your arrangement with us will be uploaded to each course page. Please return the completed form(s) to no later than 26th February.  

Cancellation of the Higher Exams

by Emma Davie -

The Deputy First Minister has today announced the cancellation of the SQA's Higher exam diet. This means there will be no SQA exam at the end of your course; however you WILL still receive an SQA award.

The award will most likely be based on tutor estimates of the Prelim and Course Assignment. It will NOT be based on the TMAs you attempt and submit for practice. The SQA may produce an additional paper for your tutor to assess but this is unlikely to be confirmed until February / March. 

Please be assured that, as an online provider, Scottish Highers Online is perfectly set up for this eventuality. It will not have a negative impact on those of you studying with us - in fact it makes your life somewhat easier as you no longer need to make a 'Sitting At' arrangement with another centre.

Further updates will be announced as we receive them but please continue with the work your tutor(s) has set you to ensure you are fairly awarded.

SQA Announcement

by Emma Davie -

The SQA announced yesterday that there will be no National 5 exam diet in 2021. The purpose is to mitigate potential disruption due to Covid 19 and allow schools and colleges to implement a safer approach to exam sitting. The Higher exams will go ahead as planned (if it is considered safe to do so) but will be slightly later than usual (by approx. 2 weeks). 

Please be assured that you will still be awarded for your National 5 courses - these will just be assessed differently. The SQA has yet to advise us on how to approach assessment for each subject and we will keep you updated as information becomes available. We will do everything in our power to ensure any changes are handled with minimal disruption to your studies and will work closely with the SQA to ensure you are not disadvantaged in any way.

Please continue with your studies as normal as everything you are learning will be relevant to your final award - however this is determined. 

Best wishes

Scottish Highers Online

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