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Update re Prelims / Assessment

by Emma Davie -

In response to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the SQA has agreed to online assessment using a process of remote invigilation. This means you no longer require an assessment supervisor to invigilate your Prelim and Final Assessment.

We will produce an assessment plan within the next two weeks and upload it to each of the subject pages. This will include revised deadlines for course assignments. Both the Prelim and Final Assessment will now be delivered via the Moodle VLE on a timed-release basis. Prelims will take place in April with Final Assessments planned between 13th May and 2nd June.

Please check announcements regularly over the next two weeks for confirmation of dates and times. Any questions should be directed to:

Best wishes


Sitting Prelims / Controlled Assessments

by Emma Davie -

Dear Candidate

You will be invited to sit a Preliminary Examination (Prelim) for all courses in March - May 2021. This is a controlled assessment which must be attempted in the presence of an Assessment Supervisor.

An Assessment Supervisor can be anyone in a position of authority who agrees to supervise your sitting of the papers. A teacher or lecturer is ideal but a range of other professions is also acceptable. An Assessment Supervisor cannot be someone you are related to or living with. For a list of suitable professions, see the link below.

A form for communicating your arrangement with us will be uploaded to each course page. Please return the completed form(s) to no later than 26th February.  

Cancellation of the Higher Exams

by Emma Davie -

The Deputy First Minister has today announced the cancellation of the SQA's Higher exam diet. This means there will be no SQA exam at the end of your course; however you WILL still receive an SQA award.

The award will most likely be based on tutor estimates of the Prelim and Course Assignment. It will NOT be based on the TMAs you attempt and submit for practice. The SQA may produce an additional paper for your tutor to assess but this is unlikely to be confirmed until February / March. 

Please be assured that, as an online provider, Scottish Highers Online is perfectly set up for this eventuality. It will not have a negative impact on those of you studying with us - in fact it makes your life somewhat easier as you no longer need to make a 'Sitting At' arrangement with another centre.

Further updates will be announced as we receive them but please continue with the work your tutor(s) has set you to ensure you are fairly awarded.

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