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Exam Sitting Update

by Emma Davie -

Although I've been unable to secure any further partnership agreements with schools and colleges for exam sittings, I see quite a few of you have been successful in negotiating your own arrangements with local schools and colleges. Well done if you have already made an arrangement for your exams.

If you have not yet made - or communicated - your exam arrangements, please do so asap. I may be able to help you locate a suitable centre or make an arrangement on your behalf, so please let me know if you're struggling. I will be informing the SQA of all exam sitting arrangements this Friday (30th September). If I do not have your preference by then, I will assume you intend to sit your exams at our centre in Perth.

I look forward to seeing you at one or more of our course Zoom sessions which begin this evening.

Best wishes


Sitting Your Exams

by Emma Davie -

The SQA has requested I inform them of your exam arrangements by the end of September. We would, of course, love to welcome you all to our exam centre in Perth* to sit your 2023 exams. We will be hosting the full range of SHO course exams at this centre, free of charge. 

However, I appreciate that may not be practical for many of you so I will do everything possible to help you arrange to sit your exams at a more convenient centre.  

One option is Glasgow Clyde College, which has agreed to accommodate exam sittings for SHO students at a cost of £25 per sitting. They will be hosting all SHO course exams except:  H French, H German, H Modern Studies. 

Another option is North East of Scotland College (NESCOL), which has also agreed to accommodate exam sittings for SHO students at a cost of £25 per sitting. However, they will only be hosting: H English, H Maths, N5 Maths, H Psychology, H Sociology.

A third option may be available - especially to those of you currently attending secondary school or closely involved with one. This would involve approaching the school's exams officer or SQA Co-ordinator (often a deputy head) to request a 'sitting at' arrangement for your exams. If you are in a position to make this arrangement yourself, I will need the following information:

Name of School

Location (Town)

SQA Centre Number (7 digits)

Name of Contact (Exams Officer / SQA Co-ordinator)

Exams to be sat at this centre (e.g. H English; N5 Maths)

In the meantime, I will be contacting other centres throughout Scotland to try to negotiate further partnership agreements for exam sittings, and will provide updates to these options as they become available.

If you already know where you will be sitting your exams, please let me know by email:

*Discounted accommodation can be arranged at this venue.

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