Unit 1: Individual Behaviour

This unit will provide you with some analytical and evaluative skills that will help when you come to sit the final exam. You will analyse individual behaviour, investigate topics and learn how these topics can be explained using psychological theories and research evidence. You will evaluate and apply theories to show an understanding of individual human behaviour.

It also provides the background reading and key psychological theories that you will base your assignment on.


Unit 2: Research

You will understand and apply the research process and research methods used in psychology. You will develop the skills required to conduct and evaluate psychological research. You will also develop numerical skills and an understanding of psychological terminology.

Whilst there is no specific of research section within the assessed Question paper, candidates are expected to be able to apply their knowledge of research methods to specific scenarios within the Question Paper. Candidates will also be further assessed on their knowledge of research methods within the Assignment. 

Unit 3: Social Behaviour

You will analyse how interaction with others shapes social behaviour. You will investigate psychological explanations for social behaviour, and use research evidence to analyse how the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of individuals are influenced by their social environment. You will apply psychological knowledge and understanding to explain examples of everyday social behaviour.