This course develops candidates’ understanding of psychology as the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychology is a research-based subject, so you will be encouraged to conduct practical research, including working with human participants in accordance with ethical standards.

The central theme of the course is individual and social behaviour. You will learn how to analyse and evaluate psychological concepts and theories and draw on research to explain human behaviour. 

The course consists of three units of study:  

Unit 1: Individual behaviour

Candidates analyse individual behaviour, investigate topics and learn how these topics can be explained using psychological theories and research evidence. Candidates evaluate and apply theories to show an understanding of individual human behaviour. 

Unit 2: Research

Candidates learn to understand and apply the research process and methods used in psychology. They develop the skills required to conduct and evaluate psychological research. Candidates also develop numerical skills and an understanding of psychological terminology.

Unit 3: Social behaviour

Candidates analyse how interaction with others shapes social behaviour. They investigate psychological explanations for social behaviour and use research evidence to analyse how the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of individuals are influenced by their social environment. Candidates apply psychological knowledge and understanding to explain examples of everyday social behaviour.